About Me

I am an Australian Christian optician, writer, artist, and crafter, living in the United States, married to a South African. I am in my almost-fifties, and I am blessed to be mom to Emily (now residing in Heaven) and Caleb (the teenage giant you see in my photos).

This Is My Story

I met my handsome husband, Neil in 1989 when I was an exchange student to South Africa.

My faith in the Triune God is at the very core of my being. God is my creator, provider and protector; Jesus Christ is my saviour, brother and friend; the Holy Spirit is my daily comforter and counselor. My family regularly attends Northwest Gospel Church, and we are all involved members there.

One of my passions is teaching – I have taught kindergarten Sunday School since I was a teenager, and I currently lead a Women’s Bible Study through zoom. I was raised in a Christian home; my Dad is a Lutheran Pastor, chaplain and mentor in Australia; my Mum was the principal at my Lutheran primary school, and continues to lead a weekly Know Your Bible group. I graduated high school in 1991 at St. Paul’s College and spent four years in itinerant drama ministry with the Covenant Players.

Two of the greatest gifts God has given me are my children -my daughter Emily and my son Caleb.

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