Hi there! G’day! Howzit! Hola! My name is Nina!

Welcome to my website. You will find several types of content here, and my prayer is that you will be encouraged and inspired by what you see.

I am a writer, so you will find my blog and my poetry. I am an artist, so you will find my paintings and my calligraphy projects. There are also links to my social media (Facebook and Instagram), and more details about me. You can sign up for my newsletter, and you can contact me.

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Can significance & humility coexist? Steps to challenge selfish pride

Knowledge is power, or so I thought. The Latin phrase "Scientia potentia est” communicates the idea that having and sharing knowledge is the essential capstone upon which strength, significance, influence and control are built. It’s also a somewhat arrogant and fancy way of saying “If I’m smart, I’m better.” Searching for significance In my high school in Australia, way back in 1991, I was...